Brand as publisher
Brand as publisher

Eye for Image

Engage your audience with publications and digital assets that create credibility – and love – for your brand

Magazine publishers, such as Rolling Stone and Wired Magazine, are masters at hooking new readers and keeping them coming back for more. And now, leading brands are adopting similar publishing strategies for their own marketing and communications.

So, what is it that’s making this approach so popular – and effective?

There are a whole host of factors, but the simple answer is this: in a world dominated by crass marketing messages that border on propaganda, a strong publishing strategy can earn you that rare quality – credibility.

Drop corporate propaganda and embrace corporate publishing

At Eye for Image, our team of designers and English language copywriters have a proven track record of creating great marketing collateral. And now, we can put the entire skills-set of an experienced newsroom, including researchers, writers, editors, designers and publicists, at the disposal of your company magazine.

Our approach to publishing is strategic, and can be tailored to any company’s marketing budget. As we see it, there are five key elements to growing your audience – and brand credibility – using the publishing approach:

  1. 12-month content strategy to make sure you consistently reach and grow your audience
  2. Fast, efficient and scalable content production to suit any budget
  3. Rich online magazine experience that engages readers with stories, images, video and audio
  4. Targeted, trackable email distribution
  5. Detailed analytics of your publication’s online traffic – essential for optimizing performance

You can mix and match components from the newsroom to find the best fit for your communication needs. So, don’t risk pushing your audience away with corporate propaganda; embrace corporate publishing and send your brand some love.


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