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Corporate Journalism

The new kings of the newsroom

Five key ways corporate journalism can build credibility for your brand

PR firms and corporate communication departments around the world have noticed: there are fewer editorial publications than there use to be. And that means the trade and mainstream press simply aren’t able to cover as many events and issues – your events and issues – as they used to.

Today, press releases, press kits and B-rolls are not enough to persuade an overworked trade magazine editor to take your content. The chips are down, and companies are competing harder than ever before for editorial attention, time and budget.

But all is not lost. There is another way, and it’s probably quite different from the type of content marketing you are doing at the moment.

“People can smell marketing and propaganda coming… and they know when the pitches and puff pieces are missing that edge of neutrality,” writes Ike Pigott of Occam’s RazR. “An accurate and fair piece is accurate and fair, no matter who writes it.”

It’s all about building credibility for your brand. And that means writing less like a marketer and more like a journalist. Or, to be more accurate, adopting a team of journalists who can support and bounce ideas off each other in a professional newsroom. There are so many ways this approach can benefit your company’s communications and build credibility for your brand, and we’ve picked out five of them:

1. Create an editorial mission

All trade magazines adhere to an editorial mission, which guides the newsroom team toward creating content that will resonate with readers – and customers.

2. Work to a clear 12-month content strategy

With a clear strategy, you can develop regular columns with their own fan-base of readers, target events and conferences throughout the year, and plan resources for big feature stories.

3. Create consistent, quality content

All trade magazines have a managing editor responsible for finding themes and stories, and knocking the team’s stories into shape in time to meet publication deadlines. Frequency and consistency build a loyal core readership.

4. Choose the place and time to market

Switch your focus from putting out company propaganda to truly serving your readers with useful, relevant, and engaging content. Treat your publication as a ticket to winning credibility in your industry.

5. Think like Vogue and distinguish between articles and ads

A steady stream of consistently engaging content will give you the credibility you need to open conversations with your readers. There’s no need for direct marketing in your publication. But if you have to, think like a top magazine and place proper adverts in your pages.

You are the new kings of the newsroom

Freelance writers can be unreliable, and quality hard to control. Hiring in a journalist can drain precious in-house resources, especially early on, and it’s not a scalable solution. The difference between writing to build a reputation as an industry thought leader and bundling a few case stories into a newsletter every three months is as big as the difference between competing in an Olympic swimming tournament and taking a bath.

At Eye for Image, we put the entire skills-set of an experienced newsroom at the disposal of your publication. You’ll have a small, scalable team of journalists and a dedicated editor, working to an editorial mission, focused on producing and distributing your company magazine – and building the credibility of your brand.


Call us. Our newsroom approach will help you produce a company magazine that engages your readers on any computer or mobile device. Now’s the time to focus on building credibility and winning advocates for your brand.

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