Images for Impact
Using still images to tell your story

Images for impact

Images that captivate your readers in the first five seconds

You know the saying, you can’t judge a book by its cover? It’s wrong, and here’s why: studies have shown we take about five seconds on average to decide whether or not to read an article.

Five seconds. And the signs are we’ll soon be taking even less than that. There’s simply too much info, too many companies, too many products all competing for our attention.

Five seconds. That only leaves us time to take in one element: and, more often than not, that element is an image.

Bearing that in mind, how does your company newsletter stack up? Can your cover image hook your readers in those critical first seconds? Do your images tell a compelling story? Do your illustrations make complex info easier to digest? Or do they have your audience reaching for the back button in the time it takes to stifle a yawn?

Good news: you’re entering territory that’s well and truly mapped out

Magazine publishers have been using images to hook audiences and keep them reading for the last 100 years. Not only the cover, but every photograph in the publication is crafted and positioned to help tell the story, boosting the impact of key messages and making them easier to understand and remember.

An image evokes emotion, and resonates with your audience – or not – in an instant. Pick up a magazine from the newsstand, and the chances are you’ll get a feeling for the kind of content that’s inside in seconds – about five. And once you’ve decided you like what you see, it’s a tough one to reverse. First impressions not only count. They last.

In publishing, there really is such a thing as love at first sight.

Now you can take a magazine approach to the images in your publication

At Eye for Image, photography and info graphics lie at the heart of the publications we roll out for our clients. Our in-house photographers and designers are part of an editorial team that knows what it takes to build a credible, visually strong story that will hook your target audience and keep them reading.

But it’s not all about taking pictures. We have our own library of stock images. And, we have years of experience in building and managing photographic libraries of strategic images and video footage for our clients’ publications. With this kind of asset management at your service, your marketing budget will go further, and your digital assets will last longer.


Call us. Our newsroom will help you produce a company magazine that engages your readers on any computer or mobile device, and help build credibility for your brand.

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