Why Corporate Publishing?

What’s the difference between your company brochure and your favorite magazine?

Both are glossy. Both cover something you’re passionate about. And both are driven by advertising. But which one would you actually want to read?

Our money is on the magazine.

Publishers are experts in captivating an audience. So are we. We can help you put together a powerful content strategy, tell compelling stories, wrap up your magazine in stunning design and distribute it online and off.

Now, your brand’s flagship publication can engage a bigger and bigger audience, helping you build credibility and win advocates for your brand.

So, what’s the difference between your company brochure and your favorite magazine?


Eye for Image is an internationally oriented communication agency that makes world class B2B marketing doable for mid-sized companies.

Call us and tell us what you think. Would a corporate publishing approach help your company establish a digital footprint and help you speak directly to your customers and stakeholders?

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